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Solaris Medical
Delivering revenue
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Solaris Medical prides itself on being an industry leader in the area of Health Information Technology. From our headquarters in Orlando, Florida, Solaris Medical is completely integrated for advanced electronic data and voice transmission, email, and full Internet access to patient, hospital, and physician records via dedicated high speed lines.

The company has an ongoing commitment to annually invest a significant amount of resources in latest hardware systems from IBM, Dell, HP, and Sony Ericsson. Couple the hardware with the latest version of Medisoft software, and Solaris Medical delivers truly world class financial results for each of its clients, no matter their size.

All of Solaris Medical records are electronically backed up on external servers and hard drives daily and stored at a secure off site location. This assures all of our clients that their information will not come in harms way of any fire, flood, hurricane, or other natural or man made disaster.

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